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Ask people who are fluent in Hebrew and they will tell you that my name, Chava, means "mother of all living." It was the name given to Eve, the first woman who graced our planet, the mother of us all.

Ask a few biblical scholars and they might tell you something altogether different: Chava means "one who communicates."

Contradiction? Absolutely not. Through the spoken and written word - as well as the occasional melody - I have nurtured people young and old, celebrating life with them.

As one who zips around in a motorized wheelchair, I have used my words to shatter stereotypes about people with disabilities, enabling my audiences to view disability with pride, not prejudice.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that my lectures, CDs and articles - like my life - are not limited to the subject of disability. With enthusiasm and humor, they also explore parenthood, marriage, childhood, spirituality in general, Judaism in particular, and the quality and meaning of life.

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