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Announcing the release of
"These Are a Few of My Favorite Kings"
the first in my "Long Ago and Yesterday" series of CDs
for the young at heart

"My kids listen to Chava's folktales every morning. This CD is great breakfast entertainment!"

-Tamara Bannett
Winnipeg, Canada
About "Long Ago and Yesterday"
Simply put, each CD in the "Long Ago and Yesterday" series has one goal: to transport its listener. The destination may be real or imagined. The time frame may be recent or ancient. No matter what its time or place, each "Long Ago and Yesterday" CD will intrigue, entertain and enchant.

About "These Are a Few of My Favorite Kings"
A CD of three folktales launches our series of CDs for the young at heart. I have been sharing these stories for over 30 years and they have given me and others - ranging in age from six to seventy-six - much joy and insight. (Some listeners have told me that one or two of these folktales have changed their lives.)

The three stories you will hear on this CD are:

"Salt More Than Gold"
    Hear Clip

"The Most Beautiful Music"
    Hear Clip

"King Solomon and the Magic Ring"
    Hear Clip

Each CD costs $12.99. Shipping and handling within the USA is a flat $4.99, no matter how many lecture or storytelling CDs you buy. Click on the "Order CD" icon to the right of the CD listing to purchase lecture CDs via PayPal. To view your order, click on the "View Cart" button below. To place your order via money order, click here.

"We love your These are a Few of My Favorite Kings CD so much that we refused to get out of the car when we arrived at our grandparents' house until your stories were finished! We can't wait till you make another CD."

Benjamin, Hannah and Ezra G.
Philadelphia, PA

"We are savoring Chava's CD and trying to get it to last as long as possible. Every night, I say, 'If you finish your homework and get ready for bed, we'll have time to listen to another of Chava's stories.' Her voice is mesmerizing and each folktale is so enriching!"

JoAnn G.
New Rochelle, NY

"I've known for some time that Chava's singing voice is amazing. With the release of her storytelling CD, I now know that the same can be said of her speaking voice."
Eileen Fine
Far Rockaway, NY

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