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Was This Really Necessary?
Reflections on Gam Zu L'Tova

We've all had moments - ranging from comic to tragic - when we have felt exasperated by life. As a writer, lecturer and parent who gets around in a motorized wheelchair, I certainly have known that exasperation. Synthesizing incidents in the Torah, the Talmud and my own adventurous life, this popular lecture offers you a mix of humor, compassion and spiritual nourishment as we explore together Judaism's belief in the concept of gam zu l'tova (this too is for the good).

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Was This Really Necessary

A Bucketful Of Miracles:
Reflections on Providence (Hashgachah Pratis)

A sequel to "Was This Really Necessary? Reflections on Gam Zu L'Tova," this autobiographical lecture looks back at precious memories that - without a spiritual perspective - might be viewed as mundane or even morbid. Inspired by my favorite Psalm (Tehillim 30), this heart-rending yet humorous talk can help you to see seemingly disconnected events in your life as symmetrically placed bookends, part of a Divine, life-giving plan.

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A Bucketful Of Miracles

Dicing Onions (This is Not a Sob Story):
Reflections on Kindness

Many of us think of chesed (acts of kindness) as extraordinary deeds undertaken only by extraordinary people. This talk, peppered with Biblical references and personal anecdotes, suggests otherwise. It will inspire you to make acts of kindness a priority - and a pleasure.

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Dicing Onions

Resignation Or Rejoicing?
Reflections on She'asani Kirtzono

Many Jewish girls and women have grown up with mixed feelings - and mixed messages - about She'asani Kirtzono, the morning blessing that is uniquely theirs. This lecture examines the beauty of this blessing with six inspiring interpretations. It also explores how the spirit of She'asani Kirtzono can shape how we feel about ourselves and all those who populate our world.

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Resignation Or Rejoicing?

"Shabbos Waits For No One!"
Remembering My Father

My father passed away in 2004. Many well-meaning people asked, "How did he die?" I answered, "I'll tell you how he died, but first I'll tell you how he lived." This tribute is filled with stories - ranging from the amusing to the astounding - of my father's devotion to his community, to his family and to his faith. I believe that hearing those stories will shape who we are and who we will become.

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Shabbos Waits For No One!

A Life Not With Standing:
Reflections on Judaism and Disability

Members of the Jewish community know what it's like to be in the minority. Jews who happen to have disabilities know what it's like to be a minority within a minority. Drawing upon personal recollections as well as song lyrics, this lecture examines prejudices faced by people with disabilities. It also explores how we can transform our community into one of genuine inclusion.

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A Life Not With Standing

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