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Client: Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled

Project: "A Dream Grows in Brooklyn"

This six-panel brochure was written to promote the services and ideology of Brooklyn's only independent living center. Distributed to individuals with physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional disabilities (and the professionals who serve them), the brochure signicantly boosted BCID's client base.

The following excerpt illustrates the optimism and respect on which the disability rights movement prides itself:


Some people think that having a disability is a nightmare. They imagine that life with a disability means being a loser, being left out.

But we at the Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled (BCID) say it doesn't have to be that way. A person can have a disability and still take part in the American dream.

BCID is part of the nationwide independent living movement, a movement that has assisted people with disabilities to transform nightmares into dreams that are coming true.

We believe that people with disabilities - all kinds of disabilities - have a right to pursue an education, get a job, find an apartment, raise a family, vote, go shopping, dine at a restaurant, go to the movies and ride the bus. We have fought for those rights since 1956, and today, we invite you to join our fight. We do so because we are convinced of three things: You're capable. You're entitled. You're in charge.


Client: The Child Life Society - Serving Jewish children with Cystic Fibrosis

Project: The "For only life's joys should take their breath away" campaign

This six-panel brochure, and the accompanying envelope, was written to raise funds for an organization serving Jewish children with Cystic Fibrosis.

The following excerpt illustrates how compelling images and succinct phrases were used elicit an emotional response in the prospective donor's heart:

Childhood means...

Blowing bubbles
      birthday balloons

Cystic Fibrosis means...

Blowing into pulmonary function tubes
  fighting for every breath
    a simple cough becoming a crisis
      never taking a birthday for granted

The Child Life Society

Serving Jewish children with Cystic Fibrosis.

Because childhood should mean blowing bubbles, pinwheels, dandelions and many, many birthday balloons.

We pray that nothing else takes their breath away.

Except your kind generosity.

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Press Releases

Client: The New York City Consortium of Independent Living Centers Serving over 10,000 New Yorkers with disabilities

Project: Independent Living Week Press Release

This press release was written to publicize New York City's first Independent Living Week. Distributed to every newspaper, television and radio assignment editor in the city, it capitalized on Judith Heumann's status as a New York hero.

The following excerpt contrasts present and past to capture the reader's interest in this remarkable individual:
For Immediate Release
Judith Heumann, Welcome Home!

In Washington, Judy Heumann is known first and foremost as the high-powered Assistant Secretary of Education. But in New York City, she is known, first and foremost, as the Brooklynite who fought the Board of Education - and won. As the Big Apple's first public school teacher in a wheelchair, she became a hero to thousands of New Yorkers.

On June 3, the New York City Consortium of Independent Living Centers will honor Ms. Heumann at its first annual reception/fundraiser, launching Independent Living Week (June 3 - 7). Scheduled from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Empire State Building, Room 2936, it promises to be an evening of reunions and reminiscences.

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Fund Raising Letters

December 20, 1999

Dear Friend,

Wherever you turn these days, there's talk about the millennium.

I want to talk to you about a mere century. It too is coming to an end. Throughout much of it, conventional wisdom has maintained that Judaism stifles women, insisting that they take a back seat in life.

Two of our leaders spent virtually the entire 20th century voicing a refreshingly different opinion: that women are full partners in the Jewish household and in the Jewish community — the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his wife, Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem Schneerson.

Inspired by them, we are launching the 21st century by establishing Bnos Menachem, a pacesetting, fully accredited educational academy for girls destined to lead. As the enclosed brochure illustrates, our students will acquire - from preschool through high school - the intellectual and interpersonal building blocks for stellar Jewish leadership.

Bnos Menachem will open its doors, please G-d, in September 2000. Dedication opportunities are available. Your generous gift will enable us to educate a girl and, in turn, educate a generation.

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Web Site Text

B'nos Menachem School for Girls

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Riveting Résumés

We all hate to write them, but résumés are an unavoidable necessity in the world of work. Thousands of them clutter employers' desks. And the truth is that most of them do not get read.

When you and I collaborate, you'll have a riveting résumé that won't get lost in the shuffle. It will make you come alive on paper, increasing your chances of getting that job interview — and that job offer.

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